Far Out Sector

As a long-time fan of Green Lantern — I loved the old Hal Jordan stories — I could hardly resist a new Green Lantern series, particularly when it’s written by a brilliant writer!

Sojourner “Jo” Mullein is a rookie Green Lantern who’s been sent to a far corner of the galaxy, far removed from other Green Lanterns, to solve a murder.

This was apparently a crime of passion, in a society which has — allegedly —removed emotions. The City Enduring is a dyson sphere containing twenty billion inhabitants, of three alien species. Our hero is a human from New York City, sent by the Corps in response to a request for aid from the ruling council of The City Enduring.

Jo is smart, sassy, and seems to have picked up her investigative cues from old detective movies. From the first issue, it seems that  N K Jemisin had fun creating this series. Jo’s internal monologue is interesting, and her dialogue with the aliens is, to say the least, brusque.

The artwork, by Jamal Campbell, is stunning. If the first issue is any indication, this will be a series worth reading.

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