The Denier’s Nightmare

Acknowledgement: The first line was seen on a placard on the climate change march in
Melbourne, Sunday 21 September 2014, which inspired the rest.


The Denier’s Nightmare
by Tony Thomas

I love a sun-powered country

Whose roofs are turning green,

Where trees have done for coal stacks

And cars are seldom seen.

I love her unspoiled forests,

Her unmined, unburnt coal,

Her friendliness to neighbours,

Her multicultural soul.


I love her home-grown vegies

And how she won’t import

Those foods produced by kids overseas

With lives so casually bought.


I love how fair her taxes are,

And how she takes a stand

So corporate vandalism

Finds corporations banned.


I love the way consumers

Have left buying behind,

And forswear advertising

To help make up their mind.


I love her social networks

And how they root out lies –

First ‘like’, then ‘like’, and ‘like’,

And ‘like’, and ‘like’, and then ‘despise’.


I love her gender balancing,

So marvellously fair:

No ceiling women cannot break –

They’ve almost reached the air.


I love how old religions

Are coming to an end:

For mullahs, gurus, popes and God,

Our knees will never bend.


I love the way we welcome

All stateless refugees:

No matter creed nor colour,

We trust them with the keys.


I love the ANZAC spirit

And giving mates a go,

Though this month’s mate may easily

Be tomorrow’s foe.


I love our independence

From all the great world powers.

They won’t make up our mind for us:

They’re our decisions – ours!


I love her storm-tossed beaches,

The free power from the sea,

From deserts and from belting winds –

This is the land for me!

Tony Thomas is a long-time melbourne fan who still enjoys a dash of sf amongst other delights.



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