Issue Three: The Stone Giant Now Out!

Running a little late, we’re pleased to announce the third issue of The Wild Goose is now available.

Grab it at

Recently, Adam’s been busy marking, while I swanned off to Melbourne to enjoy the 50th anniversary celebrations of ANZAPA.

We’ve got two excellent pieces this issue: David Grigg re-visits the Alien Trilogy (the three films from Ridley Scott), and Stu Blair looks at the 50th anniversary of Star Trek!

Dianne DeBellis looks at whaling and Westworld, Adam talks manga, and related movies and TV series. Roman reports on his visit to the Finnish worldcon 2017 in Helsinki.

And we have a modest letters column. Hipefully we can count on you to improve that!

Let us know what you think of the issue via email:

Oh, and we’ve discovered the name of our Wild Goose is Nikki…

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